Kidney Removal

Nephrectomy is the medical term for kidney removal. This surgical procedure is done in the hospital. Hospital stay is 3-7 days.

During your time in the hospital

  • You will experience incisional discomfort and possibly muscle soreness. Your pain will always be controlled.
  • You will have a catheter in place during part of your hospital stay.
  • You will be expected to be up and walking as soon as possible.
  • Your diet will be gradually increased.

After the hospital

  • You will be discharged with pain medications
  • You should walk as much as possible. You can walk up and down stairs and eat and drink anything you like.
  • You will need to limit heavy lifting (5-10lbs) and vigorous activity for 8 weeks.
  • You may shower or bathe.
  • Driving should only be initiated when you have good energy and reaction time and when you are not requiring pain medications.
  • The office will call to arrange a visit in 3-4 weeks.

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Comprehensive Urologic Care in a Local Setting